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The Give Vine Collection

Overview of The Give Vine Collection

The Give Vine Collection is a book and video series built for the non-profit organization, She Action Sports Association. The Give Vine Collection aspires to empower others through authentic interviews and visuals. We want people to have easier access to the depths of life from some of their favorite female athletes, leaders, and influencers.


The idea behind the name ‘The Give Vine Collection’:


            We look at the word, ‘vine,’ similarly to the word, ‘life’. If one thinks of a rose vine for example, there are smooth areas, buds, and thorns, kind of like life. On the daily, each one of us is having experiences that may be exciting, easy going, bumpy, confusing, disappointing, or discouraging. Regardless, each one of us has our own ‘vine’ and our job at She Action Sports Association is to give our vines, empower them, and come together to form a collection of shared journeys that build one another up.